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After more than ten years working as a global management consulting with top tier Wall Street Banks, Craig decided to take an adventurous turn in his career. Living and working in New York and across Asia, Latin America, Europe and the States was simply not enough. He craved the opportunity to experience the cultures and cuisines of the world. He needed something different.


One of the major turning points in his decision occurred in the Ionian Sea. Aboard a 52’ custom made teak wood boat sailing through the Greek Islands. Here he realized working for a vacation was simply not enough; he needed to follow his heart and focus on his passions. Craig decided to create a life where his travel would become his life work and eventually turned his mantra and email signature into his first site –Stay Adventurous; a mindset for travel, a mindset for life. 

Through his writings and experiences one will notice his thirst and appreciation for the “luxurious” never faded. And even on his one year travel sabbatical mostly with a backpack on a hostel trail, he occasionally checked in a top tier hotel and still received an upgrade based on his platinum status to take a day for himself. 


Craig understands the complete spectrum of travel on any budget from flying the Concord across the pond to taking a local bus through a Guatemalan jungle and he continues to believe luxury is a crucial part of the travel experience in life.  So for the new decade,  the next roaring 20s, Craig will inspire us all to stay luxurious. 

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Mission and Values

Stay Luxurious will demonstrate a philosophy of luxury available for every traveler. This will not be a “how to get luxury cheap,” nor might every adventure orexperience be for everyone. But the site will offer advice on where the luxurious can be found, when to splurge and treat oneself, and how to soak in and truly cherish the moments you do this wonderful world. 


Luxury Travel is not about unlimited time and money, since we all have the same amount of time each day and also all have the ability to make more money.




Luxury Travel comes down to how you use the money and time you do have. This site is aimed to inspire you, the reader,to look at your holidays and even life differently. To learn that yes it is ok to treat yourself at times and allow you to find out when are the best time and places for you to do that. The site has multiplecomponents or categories to explore. Enjoy them all and enjoy your next luxurious travel adventure.

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