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Join Me for a Tequila Tasting - April 22nd

Through all my wine tastings, mark your calendar on June 24th for next wine tasting, I’ve received multiple requests for a tequila tasting. Well, the prayers have been answered, welcome to the first Stay Luxurious Journey in Spirits – Tequila.

I travel to Mexico often and have traveled to over 20 of its 32 Mexican states. I know the country and also know I have much more to learn and experience. It is a magical place and actually consider it a second home. Through these Mexican adventures I sampled a few tequilas and mezcals and even figured out when to drink tequila , the proper tequila glasses, and of course making the special sangrita that we will also make for the tasting event.

shots of tequila with lime, salt and pesos.
shots of tequila - we've all done them, but did we do it right?

So, ok, more than a few. And they are all not the same. The market continues to grow, especially mezcal, and there is much to learn and appreciate.

For this tasting we will focus on the entry level basics of this blue agave spirit and will have you prepared for Cinco de Mayo (which is not Mexican independence day by the way). Regardless, we can celebrate it, showcase the many ways we can all drink tequila including the famous and patriotic “Bandera” (Mexican flag).

So come let’s travel Mexico this April 22nd and discover the spirits of Tequila.

tequila tasting samples from eleven20 Tequila
Sampling this new Eleven20 Tequila

The Tequila Tasting Details

I am working with Eleven20 Tequila, a new brand of tequila (the mezcal is not available yet) and will showcase their three tequilas. You can order their tequilas from their site Eleven20 and use discount code “BobbyG” for 10% off an order. Also, you don’t need to have all three and you can also bring your own types of tequila too. If you order, each order will be delivered in an estimated 3-4 days, so order soon since the tasting is on April 22nd.

Again, you are fine to bring any other brand you like, I used to dine out in Mexico City and we’d always order a tequila, sangrita, and a cerveza (I’ll explain) and people all ordered different tequilas, from Jose Cuervo Centenario, Don Julio, Herradura, Cazadores to name a few., but the key was did we order blanco, repasado, or anejo. This tasting will discuss these differences in the styles and you will understand how the tastes change too.

All You Need for the Tequila Tasting

  • Sign Up Today. $11 gives you access to the zoom details for a 90 minute live virtual tasting event, the presentation with fun facts and more, email instructions, recipes, and more.

  • Three Tequilas: we will review a blanco, repasado, and an anejo, remember you want 100% agave, blue agave tequila (I will explain).

  • Salt, lime, and other items for creating cocktails to be sent in email one week prior to event)

  • A bottle of your favorite Mexican beer

Final Reminders

This is all about education and enjoyment. This is fun and learning, so join us. Also, it is always up to you on how much you want to participate in the tasting, because the notes and presentation will be yours to keep and refer back too as well. So throw a fiesta, or make it a date night. And just like with the Stay Luxurious Wine Journeys, in this virtual tasting, so I will suggest food pairings at times. After you sign up, you will receive an email the week before the event detailing everything you need to know to participate properly. Push the button to sign up today.

See you on April 22nd for a wonderful evening. The tasting starts at 6:30pm ET.

Viva Tequila!

Stay Luxurious, Craig

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