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5 Last Minute Curated Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day or Any Day

The month of May holds one of the most important holidays of the year - Mother’s Day. If you forgot Mom and are looking for a last minute quality gift idea, we have you covered this year at stay luxurious.

a gift of love for mom, gift for mother's day or every day for the mom in your life

Butter Tree Blankets for Mom

All the moms I know appreciate a blanket to cuddle up with on the couch. And what is better than to get that cozy and comfy with a gift from your child. Not much, well maybe if you spend time there with her having tea, watching a movie or even a glass of wine just talking and catching up while she is in the blanket

the i love you mom blanket, a great gift for mom on any ocassion

Plus, on the “I Love You Mom” blankets from Butter Tree Blankets, there are so many words that craft what Mom means to you. Words of gratitude, appreciation and love. Also, grandma and best friend blankets are available too. Found on amazon, along with its own site, these Butter Tree Blankets keep an impressive customer rating across their brand. I can personally confirm the softness too.

Jøyus Wines (non-alcoholic)

For those Mom’s that don’t drink too much alcohol, but still love wine, there is a new concept spreading across the wine industry and it is quite joyus for many. The product is non-alcoholic (dealcoholized) wine.

I first heard about dealcoholized wine and its high quality from the Spain Wine Journey (wine trip to Spain) co-curator since it is apparently it is popular overseas. She loves it. And now thanks to a women, who still wanted to be social and enjoy wine (but without alcohol) we can find quality non-alcoholic wine in America.

the gift of wine, non alcoholic wine, a great curated gift for momfor mom,

Her company, Jøyus was featured in Forbes with a rose that actually won a double gold and best in class at a notable wine competitions such as the San Francisco International Wine Competition and International Wine and Spirits (IWSC) in London. Impressive. And at only 75 calories a bottle and with the alcohol removed you enjoy a bottle all to yourself or share – no judgement.

Jøyus makes a cabernet sauvignon a rose, and rose and white sparkling. All priced under $30. Stay tuned for the next Stay Luxurious Wine Tasting on June 24th as we will also place the rose on the tasting menu.

Steep Echo – The Gift of All Natural Olive Leaf Tea

Olive leaves have a long history of beneficial uses in Mediterranean cultures. The Steep Echo teas are made with olive leaves grown and hand-harvested from the trees of the Bel Lavoro family orchard in Santa Barbara, California.

steep echo olive leaf tea, a perfect gift for mom

The tea benefits from a compound called Oleuropeinwhich is rich in nutrients and serves as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Tea drinkers can expect a boost to the immune system and has been known to help with chronic diseases, cardiovascular health, cognitive decline, and more.

A few varieties can be found on their Steep Echo site along with some quality recipes too. One I appreciated was the hot toddy

A Green Gift - Micro-Greens

How about sending a card for mother’s day, but not just for the words but also containing a gift. A green gift?

With a gift of micro greens, Moms will not just receive a message, but an edible, healthy, happy gift. Many folks think about health all the time, even more during spring, but here you can gift health and a chance to offer someone the opportunity to sow, grow and then eat.

happy mother's day gift of micro greens

The gift is an option across many types of holiday cards. It is always a great fun way to send a thank you card, or perhaps a message for an upcoming graduate to continue to grow? Plenty of options are available for this unique product cards to entire boxes.

The Wand Wine Purifier - Magic for Wine Drinking Moms

No more wine headaches....where do I sign up?

the wand wine purifier, no more wine headaches

Well, if your mom likes wine, but gets a headache or congestion from drinking a glass or two, perhaps this magic wand can do the trick and prevent such issues. The wine industry may never confirm sulfites are the issue, and perhaps they are accurate, but wine headaches seem very real for people and this may help them.

Made in the USA, these wands offer a money-back guarantee, no chemicals, and I even noticed a difference in the actual taste of the wine – yes, it tasted better with one wine sampled in a personal taste test. Whether such issues are mental or physical inside the wine – the Wand Wine Purifier may be what you are looking to erase those worries.


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