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Let's Craft Holiday Cocktails With Tequila

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

If you know my adventurous side, you know I love travel to Mexico and often enjoy its Tequila. I never travel south of the border without creating a new tequila (or mexzal) memory. Lately, including my last trip to the Yucatan, it’s all been about exploring the growing craft cocktails menu for tequila. Something I plan to explore more on my 2023 Tequila Tasting.

a craft cocktail from the new luxury resort  Destino Mio in the state of Yucatan Mexico
cocktail poolside at DestinoMio

Sure for many of us Tequila often brings up memories shots typically late night, but there is so much more. Of course there is the “bandera” (flag) with lemon, sangrita and simple tequila, and I do admire how tequila is drank from morning cocktails to late night moments, but I never really thought of Christmas cocktails until recently.