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Success - the Vino y Vegan Recap

the 5 wines in order left to right - all empty

After a round of homemade mint julips and the running of the Kentucky Derby on the screen, the guests transitioned to dinner. The TV was shut off, and the travel experience created through the Vino y Vegan event commenced. Greece became the first stop with the first course and the first wine.

Course 1 - Greece, Greek Dolmades, Homemade Hummus and Pita

Greek dolmades, homemade hummus and pita bread with an Assyrtiko (white) wine. The grape native to the volcanic soil of the Greek Islands accompanied a vegan version of its local cuisine. We traveled to Santorini with our senses of taste, smell, and sound as Greek music played for the first stop on the night’s adventure through wine and cuisine.

We continued the travel theme across the five course menu with stops in Italy for a pasta dish, the US for BBQ, Argentina for Chimichurri, and then back to Europe for dessert in France - a raw chocolate mousse. Each time the music changed and the wine paired with the designed dish all from the same country.

Course 2, Italy - Black pepper & spinach linguinie w/ cashew alfredo sauce on broth baked aspargus paried with Vermentino

Course 3, the USA - An open-faced Carolina Jack Fruit BBQ with country slaw,chips & pickle

“I think the jack fruit and pinot (noir) were impeccably paired” – Kris

Champagne color table clothes matched with bright blue linens along with spring flowers and candles transformed the local club-house into a pop-up dining experience for the next three hours. This stay luxurious designed event delighted the participants with attention to detail, a focus on quality wines (each received 91+ points from various critics) and provided an introduction to many unique and creative vegan dishes.

the initial table settings - stay luxurious

“Thank YOU. Everything was perfect. That was a lot of work and results were amazing. Great company, food and wine! – Drew”

This first Vino y Vegan event, traveled the globe through the senses offering international cuisine, wine, music and stories. The dishes came out the best I’ve made them and the wines paired extremely well. It was a success. And so, future events are already in the works. For starters, prepare for an remote video only wine tasting to travel to Europe (just as my Holiday Wine Tasting) did in December. The “Summer Sips through Europe” is slated for late June or early July with details and dates released shortly through the Stay Luxurious Newsletter (contact me ) and also a late fall pairing event in the Florida Keys.

Stay Luxurious, Craig

Special thanks to everyone who attended and also sponsor Moxieberries, for their generous organic vegetable donation. If located in South Florida, definitely use them for community based delivery of organic fruits and vegetables

Also to note - all the proceeds generated were used for an academic field trip.

For the complete final menu (slightly adjusted from the original published menu) see the menu attachment.

Finally, to sample any of the wines, I am happy to order them locally for folks in the Florida Keys for pick-up. See order sheet.

Finally, if anyone wats a recipe, definitely contact me, I am happy to share.

Final Menu.

May 1st Vegan Wine Tasting Course Menu-u
Download • 119KB

Order the Wine

The 2021 Vegan Dinner Wine List for Sale
Download • 126KB

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