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Let's Taste Our Way through the Wonderful World of Rosé Wines this June 24th

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Ready for summertime wine drinking? Ready to enjoy the light, crisp and flavorful wine perfect for an afternoon or evening? Ready to discover (more about) rose wine?

I am. And I am looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Perfect for poolside gatherings, adventures on the water while boating, the classic outside barbeque, time on the terrace taking in the view, or just poor a glass for on the front porch with a book, rose is a summertime staple. Let’s explore the tastes of rose wine together Join me for second stay luxurious wine journey of 2023, - the wonderful world of rose.

What is Rosé Wine?

What amazes me about Rose wine, is the variety of grapes used to make it and the multitude of colors available. The wine making process typically has the “wine” touch the grape skins as part of a shortened maceration process to create the desired pinkish hue to the wine. But there are other methods to discuss along with the multitude of grapes used, the styles appearing across the globe (old world vs new world), the expected tasting notes and more. Much more.

Rose wine is one of the oldest styles of wines in the world and recently regained popularity thanks to social media influence along with its favorable price point too. But what also makes it enjoyable is the opportunity to pair with food, so believe it pairs with nearly everything. And we will explore many tastes in our tasting on June 24th as we always do in our stay luxurious wine tasting events.

The Selected Rosé Wines

We decided to travel the globe both old world and new world wine destinations as we visit five continents and six countries. We will explore bubbly, single grape varieties along with classic blends. We will even sample a double gold award winning non-alcoholic rose too.

The bottles outlined are available through and also Joyus (for the single non-alcoholic bottle), but as always you can find selections from your local wine store too. I’d suggest you locate bottles similar to the region for our joint discussion. Perhaps you have a favorite from Cotes de Provence? Or maybe it is a challenge to gain access to many choices for South African rose? Find what you can, and remember as always you do not need all 6 bottles or the exact bottles to join, you can sign up with a few and learn from all of us together too.

List of the Selected Rosé Wine

  1. Jansz Premium Rose $31.99 Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

  2. Boschendal The Rose Garden Rosé 2021 $14.99 Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA

  3. Crios de Susana Balbo Rose of Malbec 2022 $14.99 Mendoza ARGENTINA

  4. Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Rosé* $24.99 Pacific Northwest, USA

  5. Bodegas Muga Rioja Rosado 2022 $15.99 Rioja, SPAIN

  6. Chateau de Pampelonne Rose 2022 $25.99 Cotes de Provence, FRANCE

*non-alcoholic wine

Download the complete list for your review by clicking below.

The List of Wine for June 24th Tasting
Download PDF • 300KB

Order the Rosé Wine


The Five International Rosé Selections

Firs torder the 5 internaitonal wines from click the button below and make sure you utilize the FREE Shipping code "FSJune" (when order is over $149) by June 11th.


The One Non-Alcoholic Rosé Selection from the USA.

Use Discount "StayLuxurious" for 15% off your wine order.


What to Expect at a Virtual Wine Tasting

I am ready to guide you on a wine journey from the comforts of your home

The tasting will be similar to our recent Warm Up This Winter Tasting and will be held via zoom. So feel free to organize an event, a party or a date night, or join us solo and be part of the zoom tasting family for this special wine tasting event - the wonderful world of rose wine.

I will entertain you (and your guests) for 90 minutes as we travel and taste six personally curated wines for this event.

Highlights will include to opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Rose wines and compare and contrast styles from across the globe as we visit both old and new world wine regions on a journey through six countries on five continents

  • Taste wines scoring 90+pts and double gold winners selected by several renowned critics.

  • Enjoy wines priced between $14 - $32 and average under $22 per bottle ($130 total) Remember luxury and quality in wine doesn’t always need to cost a fortune, and the most expensive may not be your favorite.

  • Discover details on the history and story of the winemakers and unique (plus fun) facts about the wine itself.

  • Receive the wine presentation and general wine tasting preparation instructions prior to the event to maximize your enjoyment.

  • Taste recommended food pairings through a provided list of tastings shared 4 days prior to the event

Remember, all you need to do is sign up to join me on this virtual wine tasting on zoom and then order the wines that interest you and get ready to be entertained and educated.

As a reminder the tasting is Saturday June 24th at 5pm Eastern Time (ET) to enable people to join from Europe and also California. The $17 dollar entry provides access to a single zoom access. You do not need to pay per person. If you thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and find it offered more value to your evening and future wine experiences, there will be an opportunity to show and share additional appreciation through venmo.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our next Wine Tasting and reserve your spot (remember spots can be shared per household just like the wine) today and prepare for an evening of wine on June 24th.

Finally, as the date approaches everyone signed up will receive and email with the presentation on the wines, a list of prepared tastings to have on hand to sample with the wines, and other important details for the zoom call. I’ll also remind you of little things to make sure you put a little luxury on your summer wine travels this year.

See you June 24th,

Stay Luxurious, Craig

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

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