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Luxury Travel to Santorini Is Open Again

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

sunset in fira santorini greece,
the views of santorni are worth taking a photo

The seas are warming for summer and the Greek Island of Santorini is preparing to welcome all visitors this season. Across the luxury travel landscape, a few places instantly bring us a sense of place like Santorini. Just mention the southern Aegean Sea Cyclades Island destination and people begin to stare off and imagine the deep blues of the water with the contrast of the steep cliffs and white-washed edifices. Then there are the sunsets too. It remains a top luxury travel destination for the summer traveler, so what are you waiting for?

Greece is Open for Everyone

hiking the caldera in the agean sea of santorini, greece
greece is open for everyone again

If you were holding off your bucket list adventure to the island because of government limitations, wait no longer. All covid restrictions have been lifted for everyone. The health minister recently said that effective May 2nd covid passports, test requirements, or any covid related documentation will no longer be required to enter the country or access its cafes, bars, and restuarants. Additionally, masks will no longer be mandated either.

Great news. Greece is now open for everyone again on May 2nd and I know I want to return for the views and vibe alone.

Where Are the Best Views ?

the view of the caldera from Oia in Santorini, Greece
the view from Oia

Actually, on an island with so much beauty, the best views of Santorini are hard to choose. It’s not because there are few, or the places are inaccessible to the public, no, but rather because at every turn and just a few steps down the path you  stop and believe you found it again. You discovered a new "best" view. And it’s true until you find the next one a few minutes later.

Even after nearly two weeks exploring the island of Santorini, I still never became bored with the views of Santorini and the oppprtunity to take in the splendor of Santorni. I realized beauty exists all over the Greek Island and here are a few places with some of my favorite views.


the view from the room in Imerovigli, santorini greece
the view from the Langas Villas in Imerovigli

I had to start here in Imerovigli the town I called home when visiting the island. I watched numerous Santorini sunsets, true bucket list sunsets from here including the one image that is the backdop for my homepage for this site,

And of all the sunsets, the morning or daily view also impressed from Langas Villas where I stayed. This is a great place to spend extended time on the island with its central location, a few minute walk (hike) to the island capital of Fira (where cruise crowds congregate), its central views, and its bars, cafes, hotels, and restuarants. Plus there is an incredible morning hike available too.

The Hike to Skaros Rock

the trail to skaros, a must take hike in Santorni, Greece
The hike to the top of Skaros

I hiked four times to Skaros rock in the morning as the sun rose over the cliffs.  Each time, I found breath-taking beauty , yes the inclines often took my breath away both literally and figuratively while hiking the many steps.

Special white churches with blue crosses (Greece’s colors) can be found across the Greek islands. I always stopped to pray (or catch my breath) taking in the views with my eyes on the prize - Skaros Rock.

Santorini from the Sea

You do not need to arrive by cruise ship to appreciate the views of Santorini from the sea. It dark blue Agean waters are a perfect place to spend a day when visiting the Greek Island. From hot springs to hiking the caldera of the volcano itself, to sailing at sunset with local wine, being at sea remains a perfect way to experience Santorini.

It may also be the perfect place to appreciate the heights and cliffs too. Odds are you are hiking back up unless you take the transport or even ride a donkey.

Views Not from the Famous Caldera

the greek salad served in santorini greece
traditional greek salad, perfect for summer

Santorini is not just one side and not all the best views are around the caldera. On this island, you may not travel far, but you can enjoy time away from the cliffs and still find beauty. I found beauty in its black sand beaches of Kamari, the vineyards of Estate Argyros and even its food scene, such as this greek salad, an image placed into my 2022 Stay Adventurous Travel Calendar are worthy views. Delicious ones too.

But exploring the island is a great way to see more and do more and discover more of "wine island."

Walking the Streets of Oia

One town, a must visit at one end of the island is Oia. Whether you go for lunch, shopping, or for dinner and to celebrate the sunset, the views from Oia are some of the classic images you already “know” from Santorini. A must see and enjoy as they often become some of travelers favorite from the island.

But are they the best viewsof Santorini? Well....only you can be the judge of your favorites, so you need to travel their and discover them.

Again, it is great to learn Greece is open without restrictions. So the views of Santorini are once again available for all luxury travelers. So take note it is time to book your trip to Santorini and of course I am happy to help, just take me up on a free tavel consultation. to make such a luxury travel, and bucket list adventure happen.

Stay luxurious, Craig

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