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Sip, Savor, Explore: Your Invitation to Spain’s Premier Wine Regions

Summer Travel Made Simple

Spring may still technically be a few days away, but the time to start thinking about summer travel is now. Why not simplify your plans by joining us this June? We are off to Wine Journey Through Spain on June 10th for five nights in the best wine regions of Spain.

After leading ten stay luxurious virtual wine tastings over the last few years to disocver wines from California, France, Italy and more along with leading Stay AdvenTours to Mexico and my Florida Keys Food Tours I decided to curate an Stay Luxurous Wine Journey through Spain. Join us.

Yes, join us, as I am also not doing it alone. I am working with an experienced tourism group in Spain along with colleagues who live in Spain and also love wine as much as I do. There are already four of us on this adventure, come be a part of it with us, and accept our invitation.

Over the last year, we created a 6 day / 5 night luxurious journey together to showcase the very best of Spain through visiting both Ribera del Duero & Rioja, Spain’s premier wine regions. We added highlights for Spain's history, architecture, and of course its sumptuous savory cuisine. Yum. This journey is designed to delight all the senses and is paired)to perfection with wine. Spanish wine.

red wine glass and wine tasting on the vienyard

What's Included in our Luxurious Wine Journey?

All the details with a day by day itinerary can be found in our downloaded pdf file on our Stay Luxurious Wine Journey page, but for a summary, our jourey includes:

  • 8+ winery visits – with VIP tastings at traditional & modern wineries, wine flights, wine tastings, wine pairings,  barrel tastings & more

  • 2 nights in Ribera del Duero / 3 nights in Rioja all at 4-5 star luxury hotels

  • Breakfast and traditional lunches with wine everyday

  • Cultural and culinary visits in Segovia & Burgos

  • Tour begins June 10th and finishes with a return to Madrid on June 15th

wine tasting in spain with Blanca

Whether you're a wine enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a luxurious escape, this tour guarantees to surpass your expectations. Click the link below to secure your spot with a deposit for an unforgettable adventure through Spanish wine country.

We have limited spots and are accepting depostis until April 15th for our Journey.

I look forward to toasting wine with you and Blanca this June in Spain.

Stay luxurious through wine, Craig

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Blanca Santolaya
Blanca Santolaya
14 במרץ

I’ll definitively be waiting for you here in Spain

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