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Join Me For A Virtual Wine Tasting - Taste of Europe on Oct 15th

Are we ready to return to Europe? Did we not get the opportunity to travel to the old continent (enough) this summer? Do we need a little taste, a taste of Europe again?

I know I do and if you agree join me on October 15th at 8pm ET for my next virtual wine tasting, “A Taste of Europe” as we travel through Europe sipping wine once again.

In recent months, I’ve continued to research and acquire wine knowledge. I receive a plethora of books, ordered over a case of European wine all to allow me to select unique and interesting wine to share with you.

Wines to enjoy, wines to appreciate, and wines to learn from. Yes, I’ve been doing the laborious research over dinner too. And now I have finally narrowed it down to 6 wines for this virtual tasting.

German Riesling Wine tasted with a Lobster Roll, also a good happy brithday wine image
Research - German Riesling with Lobster Roll

the Oxford Companion to Wine and the New Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia - Wine Research
Researching Wine

We will cover countries, many different grapes and regions, and plenty of unique tastes with in this virtual event. We shall start in Spain, travel to Germany, Portugal, Italy, France and then back to Spain. We shall start with a bubbly, focus on unique whites, then finish up with three reds and the last being listed in the top 100 wine of 2020.

What to Expect

The tasting will be much like the Christmas tasting of European Holiday wine held last December ( a tasting still on-line and available on my YouTube channel) I will host and be your guide through six old world wines.

For this tasting some highlights will include

· Learn about types of oak (for barrels), we often only know French or American

· Sample an organic farming wine

· Learn about a vineyard, selling off portions to focus on only its best terroir

· Taste wines with selected recommended snacks to discover balance

· Discover incredible values and even the “Tuesday wine” theory

· Taste 90+ pt wines, including 90, 91, 93 & 95pt wines

· Taste a Top 100 Wine of 2020 (#28)

But all you need to do is sign up, join me zoom and learn through tasting. Order the wines that interest you and participate as much as you like and make it a fun Friday, this October 15th.

List of Wines

Here is the list of wines I will taste with a retail value from Wired for Wine. You can expect to pay in this price range.

1. Spain Raventos i Blanc de Nit Brut Cava Rose 2018 $24.97

2. Germany Kruger-Rumpf Estate Riesling 2019 $19.97

3. Portugal Niepoort Docil Loureiro Vinho Verde 2019 $13.97

4. Italy Banfi Centine Toscana 2019 $15.97

5. France Bastide Miraflors 2018 $18.97

6. Spain Borsao Zarihs 2016 $22.97

Order the Wines

You can order all the wines from Wired for Wine here, or find them locally, and then join me October 15th by signing up for this event. The total cost of the wines are retailed on the above site and collectively are under $120, plus free shipping is also offered on six bottles in the US. So, the wines are relatively reasonable when shared across a group or even for a date night, plus you’ll have plenty left over – well you should have plenty left over.

And also know you do not need all six wines to participate or even the exact wines, you can find a similar wine (ask your local wine store – you have the list) and add some unique comparison to the tasting as it will be virtual and open for discussion.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one spot (spots can be shared per household just like the wine) for $25 and I’ll email you the list of wines and a list of snacks to have on hand to sample with the wines and other important details for the zoom call virtual tasting on the 10th of October.

I’ll also remind you of little things such as open the reds first to give them more time to breathe. And if you own a decanter (and quite honestly, I’d make the purchase if you want to experience the best in wine) add the Spanish red to the decanter a few hours before the start time. You will appreciate the difference.

So, let’s make a night of it, let me be your guide to enable you to appreciate the stay luxurious approach to travel, wine and life this fall. As local vineyards harvest and wine begins its process this fall, let’s all experience some of the best in wine from the old world. Let’s travel to Europe together this wine season.

Join me on Friday October 15th.

Stay Luxurious, Craig

Any quesitons, please email

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