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Welcome to Stay Luxurious

Years ago, after stay adventurous started I quickly realized luxury travel was part of the adventure, and a growing part of my travel desires. Then one evening I purchased the URL years and eventually opened a second Twitter account @stayluxurious. The description simply stated

“Sometimes you just need to stay luxurious too. Tweeting the luxurious life. (owner @stayadventurous) Website soon.”

Well, soon no more, that’s changed. The site went live on February 17th just before 11am ET and I happily recently readjusted my twitter description.

“Tweeting the luxury travel adventure to inspire everyone to take and make luxury part of the journey. (owner @stayadventurous) Website:

Our Purpose

hiking the Red Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei Namibia

The purpose of the site is simple and two fold

1) To curate the latest in travel and create a collection of resources and information about luxurious travel experiences from around the world.

2) Designed to assist you through our Travel Services to make a luxury travel experience one of your next holidays. You deserve it.

Inspiration through Travel Blog

The stay luxurious blog will serve as inspiration for the traveler and highlight luxury travel experiences worth considering. Providing strategies, changing mindsets, and focusing on actual destinations, these posts will appear and inspire across categories.

A Moment in Time.

Special moments in time serve as lasting memories. Many of these in our lives come from our adventures outside the normal routine and it often includes luxury. Expect photographs reminding us all to find luxury on our journey.

Taking the Splurge

At times, everyone needs to splurge on themselves. Why are we working (or even living) if not to occasionally enjoy ourselves? Materialism is never the long-term answer for happiness and an experience can bring smiles for a life-time. These stories will outline some guilty pleasures worth considering.

Transformational Travel Inspration

Travel can be the gateway to life change. At times of transition in the world, in our lives, we need to take a moment, reflect and reconnect ourselves to our inner person, nature, to better serve our life and responsibilities. These stories are aimed to inspire us to take the time we need to get well and live life to the fullest

Bucket list

We all have one, a list of the places we want to see, events we want to attend, and experiences we want to know. This category will help you add a few items to your list as it classifies certain luxurious adventures as “bucket list” worthy.

The Perfect Taste

Often our best memories of any journey or adventure involves a meal. Yes, sharing a meal or drinks with friends, family while treating oneself to the delicious culinary creations is a delightful luxury we can all afford on occasion. Here the stories will highlight known restaurants and meals from fine dining through experiential culture through cuisine all aimed to find that perfect taste.

Where to Stay

Luxury resorts, boutiques, special places to stay and enjoy time, a holiday, or even an afternoon in a luxury setting are critical to the maing of a remarkable journey. Deciding where to stay can be the most important decision on any luxury travel adventure.

Stay Luxurious Travel Services

Yes I decided to consult again. I am planning to essentially hang up a shingle for travel consulting services. Now I shall offer my opinion based off my experiences and extensive travel knowledge to help you make a better holiday.

I will focus locally with the Florida Keys Boutique Travel and also help you make a trip of a lifetime through Travel Consulting Services. In addition to helping you, I plan to also offer to allow you to join me on my luxurious adventures too, so stay tuned for curated trips you can come along with me and experience the luxury travel and all the Gifts from the Road (my recent published book) I’ve come to appreciate and share with my audiences over the years.

Both services will be begin accepting free 15 minute consultations on Wednesdays March 31st. Book your appointment today.

What’s Next?

The site will continue to grow with content. We are already working on the first boutique experience to the Florida Keys as locals will have the option to even attend a luxurious five course Vegan Wine Pairing Dinner in April. This will make anyone appreciate vegan, especially while tasting the impressive wine selected for this ocassion. And expect more events and adventures, expect luxury travel curation in the Florida Keys and across the globe.

And I also want to understand what you want to know and want to experience. How can this site help you make a luxury travel adventure part of your journey? Especially now coming out of this pandemic and spending too much time sheltered for far too long, what type of adventure are you planning to take? And perhaps how can I assist you on making that journey become reality? Let stay luxurious inspire you to take your next luxury travel experience. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Stay Luxurious, Craig


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