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Warm Up this Winter in Spain and Portugal with the Next Virtual Wine Tasting

Ready to escape winter and warm up with some old world wines? Ready to travel across to the pond to visit Spain and Portugal?

Spanish Wine and Tapas

I know I am. And as promised the Stay Luxurious winter wine tasting is here. Get ready to travel through the Iberian Peninsula this February 5th at 5pm (ET) with our next Wine Tasting. Join me from Europe or the Americas for this virtual event to sip and savor an adventure in wine.

Wine Knowledge

I am continuing to research and acquire wine knowledge. Each wine I select in every tasting offers a chance to for all of us to learn about grapes, wine regions, and methods, it offers us the chance to enjoy delicious reasonable priced global wines and offers us all to interact and discuss our findings collectively.

What to Expect

The tasting will be much like the recent fall 2021 Virtual Wine Tasting, and be held via zoom again. So organize an event, a party in your home and allow me to entertain everyone for 75 minutes with discussion on 6 wines from the Iberian Peninsula.

For this tasting some highlights will include

· Discuss the history of wine on the Iberian Peninsula

- Discover lesser known regions along with the classics including unique grapes

· Learn about multiple quality wines for under $25 per bottle

· Taste 6 different 91+ pt wines, scoring 91, 91, 91 93, 93 & 95pt

But all you need to do is sign up to join me on this virtual wine tasting on zoom and then order the wines that interest you.

List of Wines

Here is the list of wines I will taste with a retail value from Wired for Wine. You can expect to pay in this price range.

1. Senorio de P. Pecina Rioja Blanco 2019 Spain $15.97

2. Muros Antigos Alvarinho 2020 Portugal $19.97

3. Silk & Spice 2019 Portugal $13.97

4. Ramirez de la Piscina Crianza Rioja 2018 Spain $14.97

5. Petalos 2018 Spain $21.97

6. Valderiz Ribera del Duero 2018 Spain $31.97

Order the Wines

You can order all the wines from Wired for Wine or find them locally in your neighborhood and then join me February 5th by signing up for this event. The total cost of the wines are collectively under $120 (essentially less than $20 per bottle), plus free shipping is also offered on six bottles in the US from Wired for Wine. So, the wines are relatively reasonable when shared across a group or even for a date night, plus you’ll have plenty left over and we can discuss a great sangria recipe too for Sunday.

And also know you do not need all six wines to participate or even the exact wines, you can find a similar wine (ask your local wine store – you have the list attached).

2022 Feb 5th Wine List Final
Download PDF • 303KB

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one spot (spots can be shared per household just like the wine) at just $25 and I’ll email you a presentaiton on the wines, a list of snacks to have on hand to sample with the wines, and other important details for the zoom call virtual tasting a week before the event.

I’ll also remind you of little things such as open the reds first to give them more time to breathe. And if you own a decanter (and quite honestly, I’d make the purchase if you want to experience the best in wine). Add either of the last two a Spanish red to the decanter a few hours before the start time. You will appreciate the difference.

So, let’s make a night of it, let me be your guide to enable you to appreciate the stay luxurious approach to travel, wine and life this winter. As we tend to tire of winter, let’s set our minds of travel to Spain and Portugal and experience its culture through cuisine through its wine.

Join me on Saturday, February 5th 5pm ET and sign up today.

Stay Luxurious, Craig

Any questions, please email me

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