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Join me - A Journey through Italy in Wine

Do you enjoy Italian wine? Want to learn more about the regions, styles, history, and even the naming of Italian wines? Wondering what wine to drink with you favortie Italian dish from the local restaurant or what you create in your kitchen?

I sure was. And now after some research let me share some of those details with you on a journey through Italy in wine. Join me this November 5th at 5pm ET (Key West time) to learn a little about the Italian classics, some of the basics and of course taste a few famous Italian wines worth knowing more about.

Let me be your guide through Italy in wine with six hand selected Italian wines for a chilly late fall evening perfect for an Italian adventure in wine.

Yes, the next Stay Luxurious virtual wine sting is here. Get ready to travel through the regions of Piedmont, Sicily and of course Tuscany. So sign up and prepare to learn and also enjoy an evening in with Stay Luxurious Journeys next virtual wine tasting Saturday November 5th

What to Expect at a Virtual Wine Tasting

The tasting will be similar to the recent Winter Virtual Wine Tasting through Spain and Portugal and will be held via zoom. So feel free to organize an event, a party r a date night in your home and allow me to entertain both you and your guests for 90 minutes as we travel and taste six personally curated wines for this event.

the 6 Italian wines prepared for the stay luxurious journey  through Italian wines this November 5th, 2022
I am ready to serve these 6 Italian wines

Researching the Wines

For this tasting some highlights will include to opportunity to:

· Focus on Italy and wines with an overview and also an appendix of past selected Italian wines

- Discuss 3 classic regions with 2 wines from each region so we can compare and discuss

- Share the history and story of the winemakers and unique facts about the wine itself.

- Taste recommended Italian Food pairings through a list of tastings shared prior to the event

· Enjoy quality wine, some receiving wines for $20-$35. Luxury in wine doesn’t always need to cost a fortune

· Taste multiple best buys and multiple wines scoring 90+pts, including 93 & 94

But all you need to do is sign up to join me on this virtual wine tasting on zoom and then order the wines that interest you.

Order the Selected Wines

The selected Italian Wines and estimate prices

1. Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi 2020 $18.99

2. Benanti Etna Bianco 2020 $25.99

3. CUSUMANO Nero D'Avola 2020 $15.99

4. San Felice Il Grigio Riserva Chianti Classico 2019 $25.99

5. Tenuta Sette Ponti Crognolo Super Tuscan 2019 $33.00

6. Marziano Abbona Barolo 2017 $29.99

*all prices are based on wired for wine.

Here is the list of wines I will taste with a retail value from Wired for Wine. You can expect to pay in this price range. Download the list below.

Nov5th Italian Wines
Download PDF • 187KB

the list of wines for the stay luxurious journey  - Italian Wines
2 wines each from Piedmont, Sicily, & Tuscany all under $150

You can order all the wines from Wired for Wine through my site (please use a google chrome browser) or find them locally in your neighborhood wine sellers to join me November 5th when signing up for this event. The total cost of the wines are collectively ~$150 (essentially on average $25 per bottle), Plus free shipping is also offered on six bottles in the US from Wired for Wine. So, the wines are relatively reasonable when shared across a group or even for a date night, plus you’ll have plenty left over and we always discuss options for Sunday brunch too.

Don't let the volume of wine discourage a small group - you do not need all six wines to participate or even the exact wines, you can find a similar wine (ask your local wine store – you have the list). Or some participants order all six and and love to have the notes and decide to open some bottles during the event and save others for different occassions since you will know how to pair them well.

red wine decanter
having a decanter or two will be beneficial

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and reserve your spot (remember spots can be shared per household just like the wine) at just $40 per access As the date approaches everyone signed up will receive and email with the presentation on the wines, a list of prepared tastings to have on hand to sample with the wines, and other important details for the zoom call. I’ll also remind you of little things to make sure you put a little luxury on your trip to Italy with me through wine.

See you November 5th.

Stay Luxurious, Craig


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